We find jobs in London fast

Can you help find me a job in London?

If you want a job in the aged care or any other industry in London can help.

Our fee is ₤60 and for this your resume will be given to the personnel managers at up to 500 London employers of your choice – all of which are regularly looking for new staff.

This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a job.

We will also:

• Check and fix your resume

• Create a perfectly-written cover letter for your job applications so that employers give your application top priority.

Users of our service often start getting calls from employers within hours of using our service.

If you do not get a job in the first week we can continue seeking a job for you until you are employed.

Can you help find me a job in London?

Our service works for a simple reason. Employers are always looking for new staff. We give your resume to employers who are looking for staff to hire immediately. The employers will be calling you with job openings. You won’t have to apply along with 50 other job seekers.

If you want a job fast, email us at jobs@thejobfactory.com.au

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